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The Gentech Field Services team specializes in life safety equipment for commercial and industrial buildings. We provide scheduled and emergency service for all commercial diesel generators and fire pumps.

Generators are complex machines. When one component fails, it can lead to a failure of the entire system. Gentech Field Services only employs Certified Technicians. Each member of our team is a journeyman electrician or power systems expert with a solid foundation of electrical knowledge and practical experience. Our technicians arrive to your service location on time with fully equipped service vehicles. We believe in providing you with highly qualified, safe and thorough technicians to service your equipment.



High-rise buildings have amassed significant attention in the fire safety world over the years. The multiple floors of a high-rise building create the cumulative effect of requiring large numbers of persons to travel great vertical distances on stairs in order to evacuate the building. Any high-rise with 7+ floors have "Life Safety Generators" so that critical systems will continue to run even if a fire disrupts power. One of those critical systems prevents smoke from filling stairwells. Imagine holding your breath down 20 flights of stairs - impossible. In an emergency you want a reliable generator to ensure you and your loved ones get out of the building safely, Gentech provides that peace of mind.


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